Squarespace help for small teams & startups

Our specialists have built and supported 250+ Squarespace websites so you never stress about design or coding issues. Everything is handled for you.

Our Website Package Includes:

Up to 20 Squarespace pages

Professional HTML & custom CSS

SEO best practices

Go live in just 2 weeks!

Free week of support after launch

60 minute personalized training session

Mobile ready (smartphones & tablets)

Website analytics & reports

Easy content management

Use any domain name you want

New logo design

eCommerce (products, services, donations)

Blogging (text, images, & video)

Botanical Design website
Boiler Training website

Starting at $2500

Click below to view our client websites

The Vital Guide website
Ono Babe Coffee Scrub website
Symphony Sounds website
3 Shy Ranch website
Kristin Ashley Interiors website
Neochange website
NAPPSTAR website
Rush Bowls website

Client Testimonials

Carollanne Crichton

Solavedi Organics

Carollanne Crichton
"I am still in shock actually at how painless the process has been. 320NY was 100% responsive and intuitive to work with. It's only been one month since they finished our website and we've seen online sales more than double!"
Sloane Davis

AQP Creative

Sloane Davis
"320NY was fantastic to work with. After they completed one website for me, I knew I wanted them for my next one as well. They have a great process and were so responsive even after the site was complete."
Greg DellAquila

Mission 50 Workspaces

Greg Dell'Aquila
"320NY helped increase my leads by 75%!! They were patient and truly listened to my feedback throughout the whole process while also making sure everything was set up with best practices in mind. They really are THAT good."
  • Will you help me with SEO? Yes, we will help implement best practices (meta descriptions, title tags, image tags, body keywords). We will also advise you on strategies to improve your website's organic search ranking.

  • When can you start my project? Usually 3-4 weeks after you sign up (based on our current client workload). Every new project starts on a Monday and has a 2 week construction period.

  • Will my site look good on all devices? Yes, every website we create is responsively designed which means the layout automatically adapts to fit any screen size (including smart phones and tablets).

  • Will you help me get leads? Yes, throughout your website we will set up automated systems to increase contact requests, grow your email list, and encourage content sharing on social media.

  • Does each 15 minute request really take 24 hours? Normally we can finish your request within a few hours, but technically we can't guarantee a turnaround faster then 24 hours. After you send in a website request we'll let you know if it's outside the scope of our 15 minute limit. We're happy to help you if it is, but we'll need to break the request into 15 minute chunks (each chunk has a 24 hour turnaround). For example if you send us a request which we estimate will take 45 minutes it technically will have a 72 hour turnaround (but most likely we'll still be able to get it done same day). The reason we have this limit is because our support workload varies from day to day. When we have extra capacity we do work faster for you, but sometimes we simply don't have the capacity and need to follow the 15 minute limit.

  • What can I request help with? Our designer specialists can help you with creating new pages or updating existing pages. We can help write custom CSS and HTML code. We can help you format and upload blog posts (you just need to supply the raw content you want sent). We can help you set up and design MailChimp campaigns (you just need to supply the raw content you want sent). We can help you configure and add to your eCommerce store. We can also help troubleshoot and fix almost any Squarespace technical issue. If you need help with a larger task (like adding multiple pages within a day) we can always discuss a fixed fee side project.

  • How can I get in touch with you? Our normal working hours are Mon-Fri, 10am to 6pm ET and we're off during national holidays. We communicate mostly through email but if you want to have a phone or Skype call we're happy to schedule one.

  • How will you improve my search rankings in 6 months? Through our extensive 15 point search engine optimization (SEO) checklist. Our goal is to finish all fifteen parts of the checklist within 6 months. After everything is complete, your search ranking for various keyword phrases will be improved significantly which will lead to hundreds if not thousands of new visitors each month. We'll then continue to pro actively monitor your SEO for improvements each month. If you would like the SEO work completed faster, we have an optional rush option which only takes one month to finish for a one-time fee of $800.

  • What does the monthly SEO progress report include? Each month we'll send you an email update of what we worked on and how far along we are on the 15 point SEO checklist. You'll always know what has been done and what's next.

  • How do I cancel my monthly subscription? You can cancel any time! Simply send an email to support@320ny.com letting us know. Otherwise, we'll assume you want to stay subscribed. We don't offer any refunds for previous charges.